DuVin Journey – The Scarifice

I thought I was set on the wine that I liked and it was easily available in South Africa, Rainbow’s End, Springfield, Felcourt, Fairbridge, Meerlust and Kanonkop just to mention a few. Then wham! I end up living in Asia and well here goes my wine journey.

Every week, for a while at least I will be reviewing the different wines that I am going to have the privilege of tasting(insert happy dance)🤗.

Right, I know we all read those crazy reviews about does the wine have body, long legs tannins blah blah. Yes, while all that is very informative I think we(us laymen and wine officiandos and wine lovers) want to know does it taste good, how many glasses can I drink, does it pair well with the meals I make on a day to day basis, and what kind of hangover am I going to experience after indulging.

So, to kick things off we are reviewing ” The Sacrifice”. Yes,  I made a few jokes in my head about the name of this one. What am I sacrificing? My liver? my soul? the rest of my weekend??!!  The Sacrifice is an Australian Wine ( I never thought Australians were wine makers till this move, goes to show how close minded you can be when you are in one space and don’t have opportunities to open your mind up to possibilities. I must say so far the Australians are winning wine-wise in China, in my opinion).

Bottled in 2015, this definitely tasted much richer than that. I did want to add some details on the wine but alas cannot find them anywhere online. 

I did purchase it from April Gourmet on Weifang Road in Pudong.  😉



Ratings are based on how it tasted, what I paired it with, how many glasses I think you could drink and feel fine, and lastly whether I had a hangover or not.

Taste                                                                                                                 9/10

Pairing(Chilli Beef Stew and Potatoes)                                                  8/10

Hangover                                                                                                            0

Glasses before death finds you                                                                    6


This is a definite must have in your wine cellar. What’s even more attractive than the taste is that it will cost you a cool 89CNY, that’s about 13 US$.



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