Zvinhu Zvandinofarira – Poetry, Prose & Pinot

So, I love wine, I know a lot of people who say this but I actually L.O.V.E it.  In a bid to firstly share that love with close family, friends and acquaintances Eland Wines hosted the inaugural Poetry Prose and Pinot afternoons.


The idea behind it is to promote “cultured” drinking and all you have to do is show up, taste some amazing wine. By this I mean we all have the access and ability to get sloshed every other day if we choose. The Poetry Prose and Pinot afternoons aim to use the love of wine as a platform to ¬†ignite and kindle new connections and capacity while enjoying a glass of red or white.

The Couple ūüôā

As we grow busier and busier  in our individual spheres of influence meeting and coordinating is more difficult but it can also be stuffy. The birthday parties you HAVE to show up to, the kids birthdays and not to mention the work dinners.

Chill Spot


Poetry Prose and Pinot afternoons offer a relaxed and well-curated setting for an invitee to bring a partner or friend to introduce to other guests and grow connections organically from there.

The Poetry Guru


Guests are invited to select a poem or piece of prose of their choice and recite it(yes, almost like high school but way more fun!). For those utterly petrified of crowds and public speaking, space is offered to perform any other art piece, for example giving the audience a review of a piece of work you have painted or photographed or simply inspires you.

Poet in Action


Family support is the best kind


Cellphone ban loading…….


Wine heaven






Puppies that like things….

The afternoons are a monthly event and entry is by invitation. If you would like to  be part of the next afternoon please drop an email to olga@elandcapital.co.za for more details.



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