Let’s Taste 🍷

So here I was at the Nicolway Food and Wine tasting event this past Daturday. Beautiful spring weather prime location and the weekend meant all the odds where in favour of the showing.

As a wine lover and aspiring distributor I live for these shows literally.

Anyway so anyone familiar with Johannesburg knows Nicolway is in Bryanston which is in the north of Johannesburg the shopping centre is pretty classy with top end restaurants such as Tasha’s (a personal favourite).

 It’s a wonder that it’s taken management this long to realise the event hold mine they are sitting on.  Here goes my quick review…..

The parking was A+. The set up of the stalls though not ideal worked. 

Wine Stalls….

The wines on display were more of the affordable range,in my opinion. 

Cappuccino and Pinotage, a match made in heaven

The only thing I found disappointing is that the ladies at the tasting tables, save for one had no idea about the wine or how one could contact the wine farms for queries or orders. 

Tasha’s, the winos who got away…..

I am not a fan of blush wines but a lovely discovery was this Rose from 4 cousins. 

On the whole it was a refreshing 30 minutes and hopefully Nicolway will work to up the offering. Granted it was free, but there was no pull factor to keep the visitors within the complex for a drink or meal…. 


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