Nhai Sisi

Nhai Sisi,

I did not wake up look at  an event, restaurant or shop  and decide today is the day I am going to use my hard earned money to annoy you as you irk a living.

A small percentage of us are lucky enough to have jobs where we do not have to report to anyone and for some better yet, report to anyone. We too have to smile on bad days, be polite when we are raging inside because when you ink your employment contract that is what you signed up for.

But as a black woman, I am not interested in  making you feel like less of a human because you are a waitress, waiter, maid or sales assistant. You loathe me because we share the same skin color and you think I am better than you.  You loathe my audacity to walk into  your place of work and expect you to do your job. You despise me because it’s beneath you to serve someone who is the same color or race as you. This was my experience at Ultra South Africa, and various other establishments I have visited.

Dear Sisi no one is trying to show you that there I better. I was not there when you applied for the job, I was not there when you were given job specifications and agreed to them. I am just here to enjoy my dinner, shop or a concert without having to deal with your bruised ego.


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