Job Hunt Diaries

Imagine my excitement when i got the call that I was  one of the candidates for the interview.  I have finally managed to break through from the usual arts, NGO and marketing posts I think I am destined for, hello  business school.

Well, we all get nervous before an interview. the right clothes to wear, what time to arrive so you are not  too eager, what intelligent questions to ask when the interviewer is done, yes scouring through Google for all the appropriate matches.

well for this one to be honest I did not do that all I knew is what position I was interviewing for and  that my qualifications were a fit.

My interview was for 11:30 am.  I was still waiting 15 minutes later…….

I walk through a long winding corridor, am given a clipboard with a form I need to fill out 🙂 and ushered into a waiting room with 7 other people who  I am assuming are also here for the same reason I am……wait a minute  I have never been to an interview like this.

We are all giving each other the side and after about 5 minutes looking up bemused at the next candidate who was not expecting this.

I mean as far as I know hard as the job market has been there is that common courtesy from the potential employer to bring you in at separate times and you hope for the best. But after you have seen 10 candidates go in and come out you start doubting your preparation, you dress your CV (could i have made it prettier?).

Well the interview lasted less than 10 minutes and it was too say the least odd…. I cant even say what I was interviewed for……but I got the job, well some job and I start training next week….. I must have done something right I just wish I knew what that something was.


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